Events / Promos

Bohnanza! A Swap Meet at The Game Parlour

Saturday, March 16th

Join us for our second swap meet! Bohnanza is a gathering during which you can buy, sell and trade new or used tabletop games. There is no admission fee to attend. If you would like to rent a table to sell games (limited number available), the cost is $25 for a 6’ x 3’ table.

If you plan to play games after the swap meet, our standard $5 gaming fee will apply.

To rent a table, please submit a reservation request here and indicate in the comments that you would like to be a seller at Bohnanza.

Please note - our kitchen will not be open and gaming will not be available during the swap meet, as we will be reconfiguring our layout and will not have our typical seating. Our espresso bar and ice cream will still be available.

TGP will be open for business as normal starting at 12:30pm.

See you there!

Student Tuesdays

On Tuesdays, students who show a valid and current school ID can play games for free with any food or drink purchase.

Developers Nights

Developers Nights are a chance for tabletop game developers to showcase and demo a game they've been working on with the public and get feedback. There is no additional fee to attend, aside from our standard $5 gaming fee.

If you are a board game developer and are interested in having your game featured during one of our Developers Nights, please contact us at for more info.